The Songwriter

Jordan Pickett

My name is Jordan Pickett out of Silk Hope, NC and I am 19 years old. I sing and write Country/Christian music. Music has always been a part of my life but it wasn't until I was 16 that I wrote my first song opening my eyes to the passion I had for music. At 17 years old, I began to perform live music at local venues in my hometown which has gradually expanded out of state. I entered the "Who's Got Talent" contest with iHeartRadio in 2020 and was excited to have won 1st place with a song that I wrote.

My songwriting led me to have written many songs and I was itching to have a few professionally produced in a studio. "Mitch Snow Productions" was able to make this dream happen helping to create my first CD "Who I Am" and later came a Christmas CD consisting of two original songs "Christmas 'Round Here" and "Fatih Hope & Love." 

I have had the honor of being a part of a few different radio stations such as Jason Adamo's Sunday night Homegrown Carolina Country Show - 94.7 QDR, Sweet Tea's Carolina Country Radio - 93.9 WMIR, The Maverick Radio - 95.1 & 94.3, and WNCA - 1570 AM, and currently growing out of the country!

My song "It's Called Dirt" won its month in the Carolina Country Artist Showdown in May, 2020 and I was grateful for that song to have two months of radio air play on 93.9 WMIR.

Because I won the Carolina Artist Showdown in the month of May, 2020, I was able to attend the Carolina Country Music Awards (CCMA’s) in January, 2021. I was awarded the 2020 "Country Young Artist Of The Year."

In 2021 I continued this process with Sweet Tea and won the month of August with my song “Cowboy’s of Faith.” This led me to once again attend the CCMA’s in January of 2022. This time I had the opportunity to perform my song as well as open the night up with my first ever performance of the National Anthem. By the end of the night I was blessed with my song “Cowboy’s of Faith” titled as the 2021 “Christian Country Single of the Year.”

I continued selling my Christian CD "Finding My Way" as I began a new journey with Rivers & Bridges Studio right here in my hometown of Silk Hope, NC. It has been an absolutely incredible experience working with them and with the help of my South African friends at Rivers & Bridges Studio, I now have my latest single "Feels Like a Memory" available everywhere you get your music! 

I continue to write songs from my heart and, with the good Lord’s guidance, I continue to strive to be the best that I can be!