Jordan Pickett Band


Jordan Pickett is a 20 year old Christian/ Country Singer/ Songwriter who stands for God, family and good country music.

Music has always been a part of his life but it wasn't until he was 16 that he wrote his first song, opening his eyes to the passion he had for music. At 17 years old, Jordan began to perform live music at local venues in his hometown which gradually expanded out of state

Jordan has had the honor of being a part of multiple different radio stations across the carolinas and even internationally, putting his voice through the speakers of radio listeners in Silk Hope, Alamance County, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Goldsboro, South Carolina, South Africa, Isreal and more. 

Because of his success with the Caroina Country Music Association, it allowed the Jordan Pickett Band to be born and debut their first performance at the CCMA's in January, 2023 as he was nominated for the 2022 "Entertainer of the Year" award.

Jordan has experience in live sound, live performance, studio recording/ tracking and writing music. Therefore, he gets to enjoy the process of writing original songs, recording and releasing them for digital download and then hearing the fans sing the words back at live shows. You too can learn the words and join him at his live performances by clickling below!

More Info:

Social Media/ Contact: Jordan Pickett Music

Find his MusicLink Tree

Learn The Words: The Songs & Sing Them Back!



Codey Pollard is an absolutely incredible musician who's got an amazing skill set while continuing to be the most humble and easy going guy you'll meet.

Codey is a very accomplished guitar player with experience in many different genres of music. He has played in both Jazz and Rock bands, has experience with leading Christian worship music in church and his latest gigs have him playing both classic and modern country music.

He is also a very skilled artist in writing as well as singing and has started releasing his own music. His most recent work "Be Okay" was released this year, 2023 to all major streaming platforms! Codey is currently working towards a degree in Commercial Music while taking time to do more songwriting with plans to release music in the future.

More info:

Facebook: Codey Pollard
Instagram: @codey_pollard

His latest single "Be Okay" is availble wherever you stream your music and trust me.. your going to want check it out! Just click HERE!


Derek Gurley is a super chill dude but without a doubt will raise your eyebrows everytime you hear him play. Jordan says, "I couldn't be prouder to have my cousin, my friend, Derek Gurley as my drummer."

Derek has been sitting behind a kit long enough to know that rhythm may be something you feel, but keeping time is more than being able to count to 4. 

After 25 years of gigging with world-class musicians, more than a handful of professional studio projects, and a lifelong pursuit of percussive education, Derek is a beast with a beat and a technical wizard in equal measure. With influences ranging from Jimmy Chamberlain to Anika Niles, there's little he can't pull out of his bag of tricks. Add production skills and his knack for writing catchy hooks on any instrument he picks up, and his resume becomes far more intimidating than his overwhelmingly laid-back attitude. 

He's a drummer's drummer, but he knows when to leave that nonsense in the woodshed, and he knows when to burn down the bridge with a tasty fill. 

More info:

Facebook: Derek Gurley
Instagram: @derekistan
YouTube: Derekistan


Dylan Wishon has become a great friend and quickly became a great asset to the Jordan Pickett band.

Dylan will really impress the crowd with his skills on the bass, especially considering he is (as he states) "a guitar player playing the bass"! 

This being said, Dylan can jam on the keys like no tomorrow, shred the lead guitar, sing lead vocals and he's all about that bass! This guy is one awesome dude and the band is making music the audience can feel by having him on the team!

Dylan has released for digital download a few songs of his own that he recorded, produced, mixed and mastered himself and with his chill vibe they are definitely worth checking into!

More Info:

Instagram: @dylan__wishon

Facebook: Dylan Wishon

Spotify: Bedroom Division

Apple Music: Bedroom Division

His latest single "Living Room" is available on all major streaming platforms!